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Norfolkfire #SummerSafetyTips Do not fill your fuel tank completely full during hot weather. Fuel must have room to expand.
05:36PM Jul 05
Norfolkfire #SummerSafetyTips If you see a fire please ring 999 and ask for us, even for a small fire, it can very soon spread and get out of control.
01:35PM Jul 05
Norfolkfire #SummerSafetyTips Don’t use Sky/Chinese lanterns, they can ignite dry vegetation and be eaten by animals causing illness or death
06:33PM Jul 04
Norfolkfire #SummerSafetyTips Use BBQs with care away from grass etc, Be aware the heat from portable BBQs goes down as well as up.
02:33PM Jul 04
Norfolkfire #SummerSafetyTips If you smoke dispose of your cigarettes and matches carefully they can set light to dry grass etc
06:32PM Jul 03

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