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Updated: Ongoing fire incident at Manor Farm site in North Runcton

Fire at North Runcton

Ongoing fire incident at Manor Farm site in North Runcton



Press Release

06 February 2017


Ongoing fire incident at Manor Farm site in North Runcton – Further update


Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, the Environment Agency and Norfolk Police have issued an update on the situation at the Manor Farm site in North Runcton:

  • The fire is contained and the size of the pile of waste wood has reduced by 70% since ignition on Saturday 21st January 2017 and it’s predicted to burn for a further four/five days. It may then smoulder for up to two weeks, so residents might see some vapour during this time


  • NFRS, the Environment Agency and the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk continue to provide presence through regular site visits throughout the day and night.


  • Air quality monitoring is taking place daily and will continue for as long as the wood pile is burning.


  • So far no pollution to surface or ground water from the fire has been found by the Environment Agency, but monitoring will continue.’


  • Until the fire is completely extinguished, people in the local area are advised to continue to adhere to the following safety advice:

    • Any smoke can be an irritant and as such people are advised to avoid being in the plume as far as possible and to avoid contact with any smoke deposits near to the site. Keep windows and doors shut, and avoid spending unnecessary time outdoors
    • Chemicals in the smoke can worsen existing health problems like asthma so people with asthma should carry their inhaler at all times.
    • Anyone with health concerns is advised to contact their GP or contact the NHS 111 service out of hours
    • Motorists who have to travel through the plume should keep windows closed, turn off air conditioning and keep air vents closed


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