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Chloe on call

14 September 2017

Chloe using a hose at OutwellChloe's adjusting to her new found fame, so it's time for us to catch up with her and see what she's been getting up to! 

This last week has been a really busy one for me. We attended a large fire at a recycling plant. l went with my crew from Outwell station as a relief team to give the other crews a well earned rest! The fire was the biggest I've confronted so far, it was only smoldering in places but still very warm and smokey. This was a great experience as I was able to get hands-on with the equipment, including a special foam we use to put fires out sometimes called CAFS.

I was also given the chance to have a go at operating the pump! This was a little insight into how much our pump operators need to know and how to work such a large piece of machinery... This insight has definitely encouraged me to want to progress to being a pump operator too!

I was quite chuffed to be asked if I could give an interview on radio Norfolk as part of their fire week campaign, they have been trying to help us recruit more retained firefighters. So after a long weekend I hauled myself out of bed on Monday at about 5 (until I joined fire service I didn’t know 5am existed,) to go to Norwich to meet Nick Conrad. What a lovely guy. He is giving almost his entire morning show over to the fire service all this week! We spoke about what it was like to be a woman in the fire service and how easy it is for anyone to just fit in. If you want to listen to it  you will have to fast forward to about 30 mins and 30 second in but there I am.

It has definitely been an exciting and busy week, I cannot wait to see what the next one brings!


This blogging stuff seems to be catching on round our way, so here is the first ever blog from Chloe:

14 August 2017

I’m Chloe, you might have seen me before on Declan’s blog or during my two week induction course, in all the photos that were featured on facebook. I have always had an interest in the fire service as my dad was a firefighter when I was young. I went on to study Public Services at college and that kept my interest alive!

Chloe at OutwellI first applied at Outwell 6 weeks before my 18th birthday, I attended drill nights and was fascinated by all the activities they did and equipment used.

Unfortunately I failed my first application process at the last hurdle. I received support by the means of training. My now Watch Manager Glenn, helped me out by holding extra sessions such as equipment carries, dummy drags, he and the rest of the Outwell crew really helped keep my determination up.

One other firefighter even set me a training programme up using the equipment off of the pump. I used the hoses as weights to strengthen my upper body, I would also run them out a lot to help my skills and cardiovascular abilities. I passed the application process second time round and ever since I've been hands on in all of the drill nights.

My two weeks basic training was honestly the most thrilling, tiring, fun and memorable time of my life. At times I felt like I wasn't able to do it, I didn't know how to do things that others did know about, but other times I realised I knew things the others didn't. We all worked as a team, and supported each other. Thanks to that every single one of us passed. I did have to redo a ladder assessment, but again with the help and support of my crew I passed it! That was one of the proudest days of my life.

I really enjoy drill nights, it's an opportunity to learn, improve and essentially get hands on with tools and equipment.

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